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Restaurant solutions

Table Service – Quick Service – Take Away

Tailored Made For YOUR Venue

Zotto hospitality ecosystems Banking, Payments and Automation services bring together the best-in-class hardware, software, and services you need to deliver on what customers needs.

Run a smart business with an all in one venue management system. Smart enough to help you run the full house, front to back. ZOTTO, is powerful enough to do it all from one system. Now you can take orders and payments as fast as your customers expect, and money is settled in your account instantly.
Moreover, ZOTTO helps you manage your team, run promotions, and gift card programs, and pull sales and end-of-day reports.

With ZOTTO you can focus on your customers and their dining experience.

Easy, Flexible, & All-in-One

More Restaurant Features

Employee Managment
Track the efficiency of your employees with ZOTTO employee management platform, manage your staff schedules and tracking labor costs.
Table Booking
Allow your customers to book tables online, from their mobile phones or from your restaurant website.
ZOTTO provides you tools to market your products to new and existing customers, Happy Hours, Discounts, Coupons and more.
Gift Card
Issue Customized loyalty and gift cards to your customers, your customers can buy gift and loyalty cards from your website and pay or top-up in the restaurant.
Client Managment
As better you know your customer, better you can provide world-class service. Know what your customers like, how often they visit your venue.
Order Management
To make sure your customers are served fast and correctly, we have developed a state of the art back of the house tools, such as Kitchen Display System, Ticket Display System and more.

Tools to build your business

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